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Ayurveda Wellington


Holistic Ayurvedic Consultation

30 MINUTES $45

Ayurveda is an ancient Naturopathic Medicine that has been practiced throughout India and Sri Lanka for > 5,000 years. Many natural healing modalities (e.g. Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, Yoga) originally branched from Ayurveda. The word “ayur-veda” translates from Sanskrit as "life knowledge" and has been recognized as a Holistic Health modality by the World Health Organisation.

Recover your natural state of balance. In this ayurvedic consultation, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to determine your own ayurvedic body type according to the three doshas (energy life principles). You will receive advice on best food diet to follow according to your ayurvedic body type, and foods to reduce and to avoid for optimum health and vitality. In addition, we will recommend the most ideal natural medicinal herbal formula for you.

Sacred Plant Medicine for Emotional Support

Native Sacred Plant Medicine for Emotional Support

Emotional Healing


60 MINUTES $59

This Sacred Plant Medicine has been designed for 21st century challenges. During our private and confidential consultation with you, you will allow yourself to express how you are feeling now and also share past emotions that may have been repressed for some time. We will help you to identify the needs that you require to address those emotions. Then, a customised blend of up to eight different flower, plant, seed, fern or tree essences, native to New Zealand, will be especially designed for you to free you from your emotional burden.

Quantum Energy Healing Code 25

Quantum Energy Healing Code 25

Integrative Quantum Energy Healing Therapy

60 MINUTES | $79  

1st session: Initial Consultation, Chakra Scan, Chakra Rebalancing, Sound Frequency Healing, Energetic Re-Balancing, Alignment Quantum Code Activation.

Follow up sessions: Same as above, including other Sacred Quan tum Code Activations and excluding initial consultation.

This powerful Quantum Healing Therapy uses Energy, Numerologic Codes of Light and Sacred Geometry to unify and update your vibrational electromagnetic field to begin a path towards quantum manifestation in your life. Numbers, the language of the Universe, store different energy frequencies to connect and integrate for the healing of your Mind, Body & Soul.

Natural Cancer Support


Special Concessions

  • 20% OFF for Students, CSC holders, Gold Card holders, people with disabilities (with valid ID/proof).

  • Loyalty Card available with Special Promotions for first time visitors.

Package DEALS!

RELAXation | 120 MINUTES | $138 

60 min Warm Basalt Stone & Ayurvhedic Massage & 60 min Floatation Therapy session

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