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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

NIKOLA TESLA (Serbian-American inventor, engineer, physicist, and futurist)

Holistic Health @ NatuneHeal

At our modern, personal, private and discreet getaway NatuneHeal Centre, Dr Weller and his team are enthusiastically awaiting to take you and your loved ones back to full health and vitality using Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) methods. At our Bio-Energy Centre, we will provide you with unrushed and effective Holistic Consultations to find suitable and focussed solutions for your specific body type, without the need to register on any long waiting lists.

Vibrational Energy Therapy is an approved healing modality by the Natural Health Practitioner’s of New Zealand Incorporated Society. At NatuneHeal, we can help you bring your body into energetic balance and restore its natural harmonic resonance by re-setting it to its original frequency. When a higher and healthier bio-frequency is re-established, stress dissipates, and illness either does not manifest or may be completely resolved. Understanding energy frequency is the fundamental key to discovering the true causes of dis-ease and unlocking Holistic Health. This is why NatuneHeal Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre has emerged, to share the story and provide healing without frontiers.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

There are several modalities of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). The Ministry of Health (MoH) has agreed that the availability of CAM health products promotes greater freedom of choice for consumers. A MoH report (2001), confirmed that at least 30% of surveyed New Zealand General Practitioners were already practicing one or more forms of CAM and that more than 50% were interested in obtaining further CAM training. Sixty to eighty per cent of medical doctors reported providing referrals of patients for CAM. The more traditional CAM modalities include osteopathy, chiropractic, homoeopathy and acupuncture, some of which have an energy focus, and regarded by The British Medical Association as "discrete clinical disciplines", although many others are also available and effective.

Energy & Us

Energetic vibrations from the Universe and Nature are manifested through numbers, symbols, sacred geometry, colour, sound, light. The science of Energetics has been prevalent and practiced in its different varieties for millennia. Energy is ever-present and omnipresent. The energetic vital (life) force or essence that flows through us, Nature and the Universe has been described using many different terms: chi (in China), ki (in Japan and Korea), prana (in India), mauri (in New Zealand), archeus (term used by Paracelsus, physician, alchemist and astrologer, in Switzerland); in science, human bio-energetic field, quantum (subatomic) field, electromagnetic or electric field. We are a macro-universe containing a micro-universe, but we are also a micro-universe within a macro-universe. Atoms, protons, electrons, waves, photons (light particles) and other quantum particles can all carry a dynamic energetic imprint or charge. Electrons and photons are able to transform their state between energy levels. As all living beings (including ourselves) and even “inert beings” are made of at least one of these particles, then so are they (and we) made of energy. These facts are scientific truths when we delve into the world of physics and quantum science, which can also be verified from a spiritual perspective.

In fact, this sacred knowledge has been held by indigenous civilizations around the globe long before science was able to catch up. In ancient times, spiritual and scientific knowledge were well linked and even taught by the Master “Priest” (Healer)-Scientists of the past. As Albert Einstein once said: “Science without ‘religion’ is lame, ‘religion’ without science is blind”. Chinese Medicine recognises that health is maintained with the flow of harmonious Qi (vital energy) throughout the body. All disease is considered to occur as a result of lacking Qi, an imbalanced Qi or an interrupted Qi, so that it is prevented from flowing smoothly through the body’s 12 energy meridians. Shamans (Master healers) know that before a dis-ease begins manifesting in the physical body, it has already been “incubating” in our energetic body as a distorted form of energy that disrupts our natural energy. Therefore, damaging energetic intrusions are removed by shamans and healers to restore health and vitality. As Dr Alberto Villoldo (psychologist, medical anthropologist and author) corroborates, this ancient knowledge talks about the Luminous Energy Field that envelopes us, acting as an energetic frame that supports the health of our physical body.

Energy Medicine

Attune to your own and surrounding nature with the quantum healing science of vibrational energy medicine: revealing the bridge between science and spirituality. According to Dr James L. Oschman (physiologist, cellular biologist and biophysicist), the scientific definition of Energy Medicine is the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy, whether detected by or produced by a medical device or by the human body. Energy Medicine is a holistic science that can profoundly affect our chemistry, biology, genetics, immunology, psychology, behaviour and emotional, mental and spiritual state. As Dr Barbara Ann Brennan (physicist, energy healer and best-selling author) describes, the Human Energy Field is composed of various layers of human subtle energies (emotional, mental, astral, celestial, etheric and ketheric). Māori wisdom has a similar vision of the human body. Dr Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere uses the analogy of Te Wheke (the octopus) and its eight dimensions, which shows similarities to Dr Brennan’s model. Five of these dimensions are: mauri (life force or universal energy), wairua (spiritual dimension), taha tinana (physical dimension), ranga whatumanawa (emotional and sensory dimension) and hinengaro (mental dimension).

Energy Frequency

Dr Bruce Lipton (cell biologist) explains how our atoms, molecules and cells are all “vortices of energy”. As for the engine of a car to run optimally it requires an ideal speed and direction of rotation of its parts to provide “healthy energy”, the same is true for our electrons and photons. Energy moves as waves and vibrates at a rate or frequency (measured in Hertz units; 1 Hertz = 1 wave cycle/second). Because we are energy, we vibrate at various frequencies, and so do our cells and DNA. Our frequencies will vary depending on the stressors to which we subject ourselves (e.g. emotional, physical, mental, chemical). If the optimal speed and spin rotation of our particles is altered, our cells lose their optimal energy frequency, which could promote pathogen and parasite growth or abnormal cell proliferation with the ultimate generation of dis-ease. Dr Nenah Sylver (psychologist and holistic healer) explains how every living cell has a specific resonant energy frequency, emitted as electromagnetic energy that can either be potentiated or intercepted.

Our emotions also carry a specific energy signature, which will vary depending on the quality of our emotions. People that can remain at an optimally high energy frequency (e.g. 62 - 72 MHz) may be able to off-set the development of numerous illnesses. During illness the optimal energy frequency is lowered to 52 - 58 MHz and to 40 - 42 MHz in chronic illnesses such as cancer (24 - 26 MHz, for near death). Dense emotions (e.g. sadness, anger, frustration, fear, jealousy) will emit a distinctly lower energetic resonance, while lighter states of emotion (e.g. joy, love, compassion) show higher energy frequencies. Spiritual states of being (e.g. after meditative practice) show the highest frequency range of 92 - 360 MHz.