Water Floatation Therapy

60 MINUTES $59 | 90 minutes $79

HydroChromo- & Magnesium Therapy WITH Music/GUIDED Meditation/ SUBCONSCIOUS RE-EDUCATION

Unwind, quieten the mind and nerves and re-energise through water, colour, music, guided meditation, subconscious re-education and magnesium therapy, while you float away in your private Dream Pool.

Our magnesium-rich floatation Dream Pool has built-in lights that cycle through various colours and speakers that reproduce relaxing music, which travels underwater. Water (Hydro) is an ideal medium for transferring energetic vibrations (e.g. light, sound). Colours (Chromo) transfer light energy to our energetic body, cells, tissues and organs (directly or through a medium), with each colour having its own specific healing vibration frequency (e.g. red = 436 trillion cycles/second). Magnesium is important in muscle function and processes such as oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance. After strenuous exercise, magnesium is redistributed throughout the body. The high concentration of magnesium salts in the water of the Dream Pools can serve as an excellent supplement to aching muscles for relaxation and future optimal sport performance (other benefits of magnesium can include migraine relief; stress relief, better sleep, reduced nerve stimulation, hormone regulation; regulation of diabetes, PMS and hypertension). Music is comprised of mathematically structured sound tones with specific energy frequencies. It is used as a therapy to help in healing a variety of conditions.

For the 60-minute experience you have the option of selecting guided meditations with music.

For the 90-minute experience you can add specialised subconcious re-education recordings that use sounds, music, entrainment and guided imagery for mental detox and stress reduction are also available to relax the mind/body, modify behaviour and improve performance. Reprogram your subconscious mind to destress. Desensitise your embedded “negative” thoughts and feelings. Replace them with positive responses and deep calm and controlled relaxation.

HydroMagnesium Therapy

This type of therapy is the same as described above, excluding the music and/or the coloured lights.

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Native New Zealand Bach Flower Essence Therapy

Up to 60 MINUTES $59 (follow up consultation & remedy bottle)

Transform your attitude, balance your energy, reprogram your inherited life patterns and enhance your life with Sacred Plant Medicine, designed for 21st century challenges. A customised blend of various essences will be especially designed for your needs during your consultation with us.

Flower essence therapy originated in the UK with Dr Edward Bach (physician and homoeopath) who knew that physical illness was preceded by energetic imbalances in our bodies from low frequency thoughts and emotions. Dr Edward Bach developed 38 flower essences infused with sunlight in the 1930s to treat the various aspects of human emotional nature. Bach Essences are still in use today.

The Native New Zealand Bach Essence collection is comprised of 84 remedy essences, vibrational healing tools for our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects. It is a completely natural method that uses the healing qualities of flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants to re-tune you back to wholeness in a safe way. The Sacred Plant Medicine works directly on our internal and external electromagnetic network to help us deal with stress, anxiety and crisis, and restores balance and harmony to our energy systems. Disharmonious attitudes, feelings, and beliefs that are stored in the subsconscious mind can therefore be corrected to transform “negativity” into positivity.

Integrative Quantum Healing Therapy

Up To 90 MINUTES | $79 (1st session includes up to 30 min consultation & up to 60 min quantum healing) 

1st session: Initial Consultation, Chakra Scan, Chakra Rebalancing, Sound Frequency Healing, Energetic Re-Balancing, Alignment Code Activation.

Follow up sessions: Chakra Scan, Chakra Rebalancing, Sound Frequency Healing, Energetic Re-Balancing, other Sacred Code Activations.

The Integrative Quantum Healing Therapy was originally channelled by Norma Tolosa (Master Mayan Spiritual Teacher & Healer) and is taught by Dr David Weller (Scientist, Healer & Managing Director of NatuneHeal Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre), for the purpose of Awakening the Human Collective to their Body of Light conciousness. The Intelligent Design of the Universe has activated the interdimensional key or original Ascension Code, Alignment “0”, which has been Channelled, Decodified and Codified together with the Akashic Records, that guard the Divine Wisdom from the past, present, future of all human experience. On 7 February 2014, the Original Code of Ascension was decodified as the Quantum frequency 8. 16. 32. 0. 16. 32. 0

This powerful Quantum Healing Therapy uses numerology and sacred geometry to unify and update your vibrational electromagnetic field to begin a path towards quantum manifestation in your life. Numbers, the language of the Universe, manage to capture the different frequency degrees to connect and integrate for the healing process of Mind, Body & Soul.

Numbers and geometrical forms generate an energetic vibration that can be transferred to our bodies. This energy is decodified from the highest planes of vibration, transmuting our programmes, re-programming our consciousness and dissipating our shadows and fears, by taking it to a state of illumination that will promote the Quantum Healing of our Divine, Soul and Physical Bodies.

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Warm (Hot) Basalt Stone & Ayurvhedic Massage

60 MINUTES $89 | 90 minutes $123

Pamper yourself into deep relaxation by indulging in a massage with smooth and warm basalt stones that are rich in iron, silica and magnesium, while enveloped in aromatic and healing ayurvhedic massage oil. Allow your senses to experience and indulge in the ancient aromas and healing properties of Ayurvedic medicine while being massaged.

Many cultures have used stones for the relief of pain, tension, stress, better energy flow and blood circulation,  including African, aboriginal Australian, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, Japanese, Hawaiian, indigenous Mexican, Native American, New Zealand Māori. Allow your body and soul to re-energize with the energy of the land and the volcanic mountain through smooth contact with the warmed basalt stones (deep massage techniques can also be performed using the smooth stones, if required). Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing that has been practiced throughout India and Sri Lanka for more than 5,000 years. Many natural healing modalities (e.g. Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, Yoga) originally branched from Ayurveda. The word “ayur-veda” translates from Sanskrit as "life knowledge" and has been recognized as a holistic health modality by the World Health Organisation. This type of massage uses traditional ayurvedhic Indian oil formulae for the relief of joint aches and pains (e.g. arthritis, rheuma), stiffness, nerve pain (e.g. sciatica), musculo-skeletal pain (e.g. muscularatrophy) and numbness, and for detoxification.

Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic or Myofascial Release Massage (available from 1 May 2019)

30 MINUTES $45 | 60 MINUTES $65 | 90 minutes $95 | 120 minutes $125

Deep Tissue Massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes, to relax deep muscle layers and their connective tissue. It is indicated for chronic pain and deep contractions and can be of special bene1 fit to athletes and physical labourers.

Relaxation Massage is a soothing type of massage for calming the body and mind. Uses light pressure at a slow pace to aid in reducing stiff joints and improve blood circulation. Indicated to relax people that are experiencing minor pain and muscle strain.

Therapeutic Massage is a bit more of an intense and corrective type of massage for specific pains, sprains and injuries.

Myofascial Release Massage focuses on releasing tightness and trigger pain points in your myofascial tissues, which surround your muscles. Light and repetitive presssure is used to stretch and massage any rigid areas of tissue. 

Holistic Consultation

30 MINUTES $45 | 60 MINUTES $65 

This private session is for you to highlight your concerns about a particular issue or issues. This may be related to lack of sleep, anxiety, skin issues (eg eczema, psoriasis), detox, pain, a particular illness or other. Dr David Weller will carry out an assessment of your current and past lifestyle (e.g. emotional-mental-spiritual-physical landscape, trauma, workload, stress level, nutrition, exercise) in an attempt to identify the root cause(s) of your distress and design a customised plan for YOU to action and begin walking the Health Path.

Package DEALS!

RELAXation | 120 MINUTES | $138 

60 min Warm Basalt Stone & Ayurvhedic Massage & 60 min Floatation Therapy session

HEALING | 120 MINUTES | $129

30 min Consultation + 60 min Quantum Healing + Essence Therapy Remedy Bottle (customised)

BioEnergy Scanning & Therapy (coming soon)

The use of modern and sophisticated scientific instrumentation to measure energetic frequencies of the body for analysis and energy balancing. A stress management system for holistic healing from the field of Energetic Medicine. It follows the concept of "energetic pathology", which considers that the first sign of abnormality in the body, prior to structural changes leading to a disease, is an imbalanced electrical charge. BioEnergy Therapy, Frequency Therapy or Biofeedback Therapy, is able to measure our body’s bioenergy by recording the change in conductivity of our cells with the use of one of the most advanced sophisticated technologies available today. The energetic anomaly can then be rectified by applying one or more of the several solutions offered by this verified, automatic, non-invasive and computer-operated technology (backed by over 20 years of research in the field of BioEnergy Medicine) to address the true cause of the imbalance, while keeping a record of your progress.

Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls, Tuning forks, Gongs, Yin Yoga and Voice Therapy/ Mantra chanting



Special Concessions

Students, CSC holders, people with disabilities, retired (with valid ID/proof): 20% OFF

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