Are you feeling Duality or Unity?

Transform your Mind and Spirit to become One with your Physical

AT NATUNEHEAL, we will help you to heal the following:



Addictions, fatigue, general malaise, inflammation, muscular tension, PAIN, sleeplessness.

Mental and Emotional

Aggression, aimlessness, animosity, anxiety, apathy, argumentativeness, arrogance, asynchrony, co-dependency, condemnation, confusion, defensiveness, delusion, depression, desolation, desperation, despondency, destructiveness, directionlessness, disconnection, disempowerment, disenchantment, disharmony, dishonesty, divisiveness, ego, envy, exhaustion, fear, foolishness, frigidness, fuss, greed, grief, hatred, hopelessness, humiliation, impatience, impetuous, impracticality, incompassion, inferiority complex, inflexibility, inhibition, insecurity, insatisfaction, instability, insufficiency, introversion, isolation, jealousy, judgement, losing control, misfit, mortification, negative self-talk, nervous tension, obsessiveness, over-protection, over wright, passionlessness, pessimism, possessiveness, powerlessness, pressure, rebelliousness, regret, rejection, restlessness, retribution, sadness, scatter, self-blame, self-doubt, self-centredness, scepticism, STRESS, struggle, suspiciousness, imbalance, trauma, uncertainty, unreliability, unsupportiveness, unsympathy, victimhood, violation, withdrawal.


Auric field, existential crises, soul contracts, generational karmas, implants, invasive energies, low energy, past lives, SPIRITUAL TRAUMA, soul fracture and loss, programming.