Multipurpose Ozone Generator for drinking water, air purification and more!

Multipurpose Ozone Generator for drinking water, air purification and more!



Ozonate water for optimal health benefit by:

  • killing bacteria, viruses, mould and spores in water or air

  • eliminating bad odours in the air

  • neutralizing chemical residues on fruit and vegetables

  • removing chemical contaminants from panels, carpets, insulation systems paints, dyes and plastics

  • purifying air in fridges, small rooms, cupboards or cars

  • disinfecting wash cloths, tooth brushes, dentures, etc

Benefits of drinking Medical Ozone Water

  • increase of oxygen levels in your bloodstream, cells, tissues and organs

  • breakdown of harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules and elimination of other impurities

  • elimination of microorganisms from the blood by rupturing their cell walls

  • reduction of hypoxic (low oxygen) microenvironments where cancer cells reproduce, and anti-tumour effects

  • generation of single oxygen atoms supports the immune system to better fight infections

  • detoxification of your intestinal tract, when regularly drinking cold ozone water on an empty stomach.

    See appliance instructions for how to make ozonated water.


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  • Ozone output: 300 mg/h

  • Quality long-lasting Corona Discharge unit (not the UV units, which only last around a year)

  • Includes 1 x diffuser stone, silicon tubing and car adapter

  • CE certification

  • Dimensions: 28*28*37 cm

  • Output: DC 12 V, < 12 W

  • Air purification: Up to 20 m³

  • High output of up to 300 mg/hour.

  • Wall mountable/portable

  • Useful digital timer that can be set for 1 - 30 mins or on and off on a cycle

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