Guarana Organic SuperFood Powder

Guarana Organic SuperFood Powder


Guaraná is named from the indigenous Guarani tribe in the Amazon ('wara'ná'), a name given by the Amazonian Tupi-Guarani tribe who use the fruit in traditional medicine.  

In Brazil, people take guarana for weight loss, athletic and mental performance (concentration and memory), to increase energy, as an aphrodisiac, and for many other conditions.  Some people also use guarana to treat low blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFC) and to prevent dysentery.  

The powder is high in guaranine and a variety of other energy nutrients including vitamins B and C, theophylline, theobromine and other tannins, choline, and slow-release caffeine. It is ideal in smoothies, juices, shakes and protein drinks. One teaspoon of guarana powder is equivalent to two cups of coffee.

Our Guaraná Difference

It is 100% certified organic guarana powder and made by sun-drying the fruit and roasting at low temperature and then milling the seeds. The low-temperature guarantees that it clears the product from natural pests but without losing it's natural superfood properties. 

Recommended uses:

  • Beverages (juice blends, smoothies, energy drinks, and others);

  • Foods (cereals, natural energy bars);

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