Açaí Organic SuperFood Powder

Açaí Organic SuperFood Powder


Freeze-dried Organic Açaí Powder: Antioxidant power from the Amazon

The acai berry, a superfruit of the Amazon’s acai palm, is an undisputed antioxidant superpower and a potential anticancer agent. It is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega fats and Vitamins A & E. Açaí in recent years has taken the health market by storm. It has become a sought-after ingredient for anyone who wants to raise the nutritional bar to answer the desire for benefits that only açaí can deliver. But not all açaí delivers the promise of the dark purple berry.

Our Açaí Difference: for 1kg of freeze-dried açaí, we use 19 kg fruit.

The parameters we use for freeze-drying açai have been carefully defined by trials testing that began in 2003 and continues to be refined.

The freeze drying process optimally captures açaí’s delicate nutrition in a stable, versatile format. Our freeze-dried powders are organically certified and deliver maximum preservation of açaí’s critical bioactive components; the level of care devoted is to ensure the maximum preservation of the fruits’ bioactive components.

 Recommended uses:

  • Beverages (juice blends, smoothies, energy drinks, and others)

  • Foods (yoghurt, natural energy bars, ice cream, desserts, jellies)


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