Shungite Harmonizers

Shungite Harmonizers

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SHUNGITE is a quantum crystalline mineral that exists in a sacred geometry configuration and is only found in the mines of one country in the world, Russia, next to Lake Onega. This mineral of unique composition and adsorption properties, is made of fullerenes. Fullerenes, C60, recently discovered by scientists, are sacred geometrical crystal carbon structures that are abundant in the universe. Their geometrical arrangement (similar to graphite, one of the most conductive material of carbons) is composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons showing a structure that is similar to a geodesic dome.

Shungite has a remarkable structural and chemical arrangement that enables high concentration of conduction electrons in well-ordered carbon clusters. These clusters are likely to be responsible for conduction electron spin resonance, as the free electrons present in the nanocarbon areas show electron paramagnetic resonance, making this mineral an electrical superconductor. It also seems to be the only known organic mineral that contains all of the elements of the chemical periodic table.

Shungite appears to be the most ancient mineral on our planet, dated at around 2 billion years old. It has been used since ancient times by inhabitants of the Russian region (including previous tsars) for healing purposes. This mineral, likened to mineral homeopathy, has shown to have diverse healing effects; for example, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is thought to help our body to self-heal through energetic re-alignment of our physical, mental and emotional aspects. This effect appears to be amplified when in combination with its counter biomagnetic mineral, the Tulikivi (a type of steatite).

Shungite has been described as an “intelligent” stone that does not require cleansing or re-charging. A type of “black hole” that can act as a catalyst, a filter (e.g. water) and a harmonizer (eg electromagnetic radiation) in the physical and other more elevated planes of existence.

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