What is floating?

Floating is an effortless way to increase your happiness!

It was developed by Dr John C. Lilley (neurophysiologist and psychoanalyst) almost 60 years ago, who researched the brain (when working at the National Institute of Mental Health), consciousness and communication with dolphins. Since then, numerous scientific publications (including laboratory experiments and case studies) have confirmed the deep benefits of floating.

Referred to as Floatation-REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) or sensory seclusion, floating offers immense potential for holistic healing and personal growth.

Is floating clean?

The Dream Pool (float tank, saltpod, sensory deprivation tank) includes a modern UV light filtration system to maintain the water crisp clean and free of any microbes. The water is filtered 24/7 (except when the Dream Pools are in use) through micron size (1 micron = 0.001 mm) filter bags, capable of filtering particles as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Small amounts of hydrogen peroxide are added to the Dream Pools as a disinfectant in between floats and at the end of each day. Any discoloration that we may notice in the water is usually due to a temporary imbalance of salts in the water.

How does floating work?

When you decide to float, you step into a quiet, warm, private cocoon, the Dream Pool (float tank, saltpod, sensory deprivation tank), where you lay back over the water. The water is so dense (almost 20 times more concentrated than usual seawater) that you will float like a cork. The Pool lid can be kept open or closed, it is up to you.

The water is kept constantly at skin temperature. Soon after you enter, both you and the water will become ONE. Relax and, for the first time, feel what it is like when none of your pressure points in your body have any weight on them. You will feel fully supported and you will expend no energy to maintain your position in the water, regardless of your body weight.

The Dream Pool (float tank, saltpod, sensory deprivation tank) is designed to block out any surrounding sound. Before you know it, you are in your own private cocoon often resembling the experience of being back in your mother’s womb. Come and experience the nothingness, which is also everything: the Zero Point!

Why float?

Floating allows you to let go of your senses, rest your body and connect with your mind and soul.

You pause the hectic, saturated world to which we are sometimes exposed, to enter into a state of deep mental, emotional, spiritual and physical relaxation.

Imagine 60 minutes just for yourself, while you shut the rest of the world out and access mindfulness for a higher state of consciousness. The Dream Pools will help many clients to synchronize both sides of their brain by reaching the alpha and theta states of mind.

What are the benefits of floatation therapy?

Scientific research has shown the benefits of floating, including relief of stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, chronic muscle tension and pain.

Alpha brainwaves oscillate in the range 8 – 12 Hz, and reflect a serene and relaxed state of mind, the bridge between waking and sleeping. These cycles provide clear, flowing and inactive (passive) thinking. Alpha activity has had clinical applications for dealing with stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, ADHD, autism, PTSD, low performance, emotional dis-harmony, cortisol stress hormones, headaches and memory loss. The Alpha state is like travelling through a portal to access our deeper states of consciousness (sub- and supra-conscious) for higher serotonin production, creativity and expansion.

Theta brainwaves, the doorway to the subconscious, oscillate in the range 4 – 7 Hz, and are associated with deeper relaxation and meditation, super-learning, memory, daydreaming, emotional cleansing, self-reprogramming, and spiritual experiences (e.g. intuition, extrasensory perception). As your Conscious Awareness becomes more heightened and expanded, your energy frequency will increase for better health.

Our magnesium-rich floatation Dream Pool has built-in lights that cycle through various colours; and speakers that reproduce relaxing music, which travels underwater. Water (Hydro) is an ideal medium for transferring energetic vibrations (e.g. light, sound). Colours (Chromo) transfer light energy to our energetic body, cells, tissues and organs (directly or through a medium), with each colour having its own specific healing vibration frequency (e.g. red = 436 trillion cycles/second). Music is comprised of mathematically structured sound tones with specific energy frequencies. It is used as a therapy to help in healing a variety of conditions. Magnesium is important in muscle function and processes such as oxygen uptake, energy production and electrolyte balance. After strenuous exercise, magnesium is redistributed throughout the body. The high concentration of magnesium salts in the water of the Dream Pools can serve as an excellent supplement to aching muscles for relaxation and future optimal sport performance (other benefits of magnesium can include migraine reliefstress relief, better sleep, reduced nerve stimulation, hormone regulation; regulation of diabetesPMS and hypertension). 

When you emerge out of the Dream Pool, you should feel refreshed and your senses sharpened with a new awareness of the world around you.

The beneficial effects of floating can last several days after the float. The more you float – the better it gets, as the beneficial effects become more powerful and last longer!

Can I float?

We are unable to allow floating if you:

  • have a serious heart disease

  • have epilepsy

  • have diarrhoea

  • are menstruating

  • are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • have recently dyed your hair with a specific colour (please advise our staff)

  • have a kidney disease

  • are incontinent

  • are allergic to magnesium salts

  • have open wounds

  • have an infectious or contagious disease

  • have used tanning products on your body in the last 5 days

  • recently had a tattoo that has not yet fully healed

  • are pregnant (first trimester)

Note: please let us know if you are breastfeeding so that we can advise you accordingly.

For your comfort we recommend that you do not float if you:

  • have just shaved or waxed

  • have any skin irritation or syndrome (e.g. dermatitis, psoriasis)

  • have a had a large meal in the past hour or have an empty stomach

  • are feeling dehydrated

  • have had caffeine at least 1 hour prior to your session

Is there anything that I need to do before my floatation therapy session?

These are some of our recommendations:

  • remain hydrated, so that your body can relax and heal

  • try to avoid eating large meals right before you float so that it is easier for your body to obtain the full benefits of floating

  • avoid shaving before you float. Any small cuts or skin irritations can be distracting due to the Epsom Salt sting

  • remove contact lenses, if any

  • use the bathroom before floating to avoid that unwanted distraction

  • avoid caffeine and other stimulants prior to floating. Floating is aimed at reducing stimulation to aid in rest and recovery, whereas caffeine can have the opposite effect.