Dr David Weller, Managing Director & Principal Therapist

Dr David Weller, Managing Director & Principal Therapist

PhD (Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry) | GradDipSc (Molecular BioScience) | BSc (Hons) (Biology) | Registered Medical Technician (Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand) | Researcher & Consultant Ayurvedic Naturopathy | Cancer Researcher | Tutor and Practitioner of Integrative Quantum Healing Therapy | Practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies and NZ Flower Essences | Trained Warm Stone Massage Therapist |

Dr David Weller lives on the south coast of Wellington. His mission is to bridge the gap between Science, Sacred Ancient Wisdom and Spirituality, and communicate this connection to all communities: “energy is everywhere, and we are a fundamental part of it”. He has spent numerous years researching, studying, teaching, practicing and providing consultations in the scientific, healing, counselling and spiritual fields. A trained and experienced Scientist for over 20 years, his background also spans the fields of Pharmacology, Biomedical Science and Cell Biology.

Between 2003 and 2011, Dr Weller worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician and Health and Safety Officer for the NZ Blood Service, a Researcher for the Health Promotion Agency and an Academic Tutor for the courses of Cell Biology, The Biology of Disease and Biomedical Science at Victoria University of Wellington. Prior to 2003, he managed a prestigious medical laboratory in Europe. More recently, he devoted several years as a Hazardous Substances Advisor for the New Zealand government.

He has learnt, experienced and practiced the sacred knowledge of BEING in the PRESENT in the HERE and NOW, Unity, Love and Compassion. He has also experienced family loss to chronic illness and understands the importance of using a holistic approach. One that merges science, ancient wisdom and spirituality, in the attempt to find the root cause of dis-ease, dis-harmony and dis-stress for restoring metabolic and energetic balance for self-healing.

David has attended, participated and facilitated sacred ceremonies and workshops in various countries (Mexico, Spain, New Zealand) with the help of talented and humble indigenous Wisdom Keepers. He is a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Writer who practices Martial Arts for integration of body, mind and soul, and who has received training in Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing and Shamanism.