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— Dr David Weller (Managing Director)
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Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre

Wellington (New Zealand)

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” ~ Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)


Dr David Weller | Managing Director & Principal Therapist

Dr David Weller | Managing Director & Principal Therapist

PhD (Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry) |

GradDipSc (Molecular BioScience) |

BSc (Hons) (Biology) |

Registered Medical Technician (Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand) |

Researcher & Consultant Ayurvedic Naturopathy |

Cancer Researcher |

Tutor and Practitioner of Integrative Quantum Healing Therapy |

Practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies and NZ Flower Essences |

Trained Warm Stone Massage Therapist |

Water Floatation Therapy

Water Floatation Therapy

Benefits of Water Floatation Therapy

Scientific research has shown the benefits of floating in highly concentrated magnesium salts, including relief of chronic muscle tension and pain. Magnesium is important in muscle function and processes such as oxygen uptake, energy production, electrolyte balance and future optimal sport performance. Other benefits of magnesium include migraine reliefstress relief, better sleep, reduced nerve stimulation, hormone regulation; regulation of diabetesPMS and hypertension.

Enter alpha brainwave state (8 – 12 Hz), and reflect a serene and relaxed state of mind, the bridge between waking and sleeping. The Alpha state is like travelling through a portal to access our deeper states of consciousness (sub- and supra-conscious) for higher serotonin production, creativity and expansion. Alpha activity has had clinical applications for dealing with stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, depression, ADHD, autism, PTSD, low performance, emotional dis-harmony, cortisol stress hormones, headaches and memory loss.

Enter theta brainwave state, the doorway to the subconscious (4 – 7 Hz), which are associated with deeper relaxation and meditation, super-learning, memory, daydreaming, emotional cleansing, self-reprogramming, and spiritual experiences (e.g. intuition, extrasensory perception). As your Conscious Awareness becomes more heightened and expanded, your energy frequency will increase for better health.



My whole family (2 adults and 2 kids) were struggling with emotional issues and physical complaints. After detailed discussion with Dr David, the family was treated with NZ Plant remedies, Ayurvedic tablets/teas and Magnesium Floats. We also had Hot Stone Massages and Colloidal Silver. Wow, just wow is all I can say - every single one of us has had a shift in our well-being. My kids are back to their happy selves and the parents have been able to quit some medications. David is a wonderful practitioner - full of knowledge, passion and genuine care for his clients and knows just how to help individuals. If you need to get your life back into balance and harmony - please consult Dr David!!!!!
— Anita Grafton, makara (wellington)

First time diving in the float tank. The experience is unbelievable! The facility is super neat and clean. Dr Weller will explain everything what you need to know and he’s super nice. To be honest I can’t express myself how great the experience was! Highly recommend! 5 stars of 5!
— Pawel Schimmelpfennig, Local Guide

I had that awesome Warm Stone Massage. It was very special, as everything (stones, oil, hands) is warm and performed in a delicate way. For the first two days, I felt very tired and sleepy. The next two days, I felt calm and grounded. And, for the following two days, I felt full of energy and super happy. It had been a while since I needed a deep healing treatment. I tried different things, which did not have the profound effect that I was looking for. I am happy that I came across such a unique massage with such a unique masseur. I now feel healed, grounded and more connected with my whole self.
— Leticia Murillo, ISLAND BAY (Wellington)

Very good experience, loved floating in the Dream Pools, the owner David is very welcoming

I completed the Integrative Quantum Healing Therapy Foundation Workshop with Dr David Weller this year in Wellington. It was much more than I expected, right from the beginning in the way David received and honoured each of us - it was a magic and inspiring day. David was an excellent facilitator and clearly explained everything as he wove in themes of ascension and personal development with metaphysics and quantum science. I found the quantum healing codes were very powerful, just even looking at them took me into a deep place of remembrance. I also enjoyed the Merkabah visualisation, that was powerful. Thank you David
— Claire Wynn, Oriental Parade (Wellington)

Lovely spaces, feels warm, light and energetic. Was well looked after both physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was very clear from the outset that I was in credible and safe hands and, for the first time in years, I felt relaxed and, at the same time, had an abundance of energy...thank you…10 out of 10.
Kāore i arikarika ngā kupu mihi māu. E te Rangatira, mahia āu mahi hei piki ake te mauri o ngā tangata katoa.

Ngā mihi
— Moahuia Goza, Kapiti Coast (Wellington)

After seeing Dr Weller for a quantum healing session, I felt good and started to dream more vividly. After the healing, I felt tired, as if I needed to rest after emotional fatigue and unrest. I now feel more confident and able to better communicate, since I feel that my throat chakra is no longer blocked. In general, I feel happier.
— Ranee Sos, BERHAMPORE (Wellington)